SGA’s Rally For Rivers Challenge

If you recently logged in to any of your social media channels, you have probably seen the videos of people promoting ‘Rally for Rivers’ and referring 3 of their friends to do the same. These videos are everywhere, and they are slowly beginning to trend. What’s it about? Heads-up – Rally for Rivers is the initiative for raising awareness to join the movement, which will eventually protect our rivers from depleting. The Rally For Rivers Challenge was created by SG Analytics as part of #SGAwearsblue to be an easy way for contributing to the noble cause – raising awareness to save our rivers.

Here the simple steps to pass the Rally For Rivers Challenge:

  • You were either tagged by one of your friends to take the challenge, or you are here to get the movement started. In any case, you are supporting the initiative Rally for Rivers. And that’s decisive generosity. Let’s get started.
  • Shoot a video of yourself conveying that you are supporting ‘Rally for Rivers’ by calling 8000980009. The challenge – convey the message in the shortest time interval.
    *The message must be clear – you are supporting ‘Rally for Rivers’, and you motivate your friends to join the cause. Basically, your video could be a 5-10 seconds – “Hi, I am Sneha, hereby accepting the challenge. I support Rally for Rivers by dialing 80009 80009. Are you up for this noble cause?”
  • The best thing in this challenge. It is easy to win. After the video, you have a ready-made text for the post:

    Thanks [person who nominated you], I accept your challenge
    #SGAR4Rchallenge #IndiaWearsBlue #RallyForRivers
    I nominate [name 3 of your friends]
    Read how to take this challenge at

  • 2 things you must not miss:
    Hashtags – We need to track your win
    Tagging 3 of your friends – That’s part of the challenge, of course!

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