About 3/4th of the earth’s surface is water-covered, yet only a fraction of it is fresh water. And around the world, sources of fresh water are depleting rapidly. Yes, our mighty rivers are increasingly over-pumped, and taps are slowly drying up. We at SG Analytics realize that fresh water depletion is the most overlooked natural resources challenge our planet faces today. We won’t let our lifelines dwindle into trickles of water. Hence, we have actively participated in the Rally for Rivers movement. This nationwide awareness campaign has been initiated by respected Sadhguru to revive our rivers.

We are enthusiastically driving the campaign by raising awareness and ascertaining conservational steps. Team SGA is wearing blue to support the noble movement. We have united to develop a coalition with other groups, plan campaigns to build public support, and cultivate media through powerful allies. But all this is not going to be possible without your support. If you remember last year’s weak monsoon that triggered a notable food crisis across India, this is the right time to act. Support us by giving a missed call on 8000980009. This simple but active step will add to the pace of the movement, and our lifelines would be saved from being depleted in the future.

Following our awareness campaigns, we at SGA have also joined hands to safeguard our rivers from depleting. We are trying to prevent every activity that would significantly harm river waters. We have taken up initiatives to protect lands along the rivers. Following our successful Mula-Mutha river cleaning initiative in 2016, we are currently marching to set a protective buffer of at least a quarter mile secured land along our scenic rivers. Your support is what we implore. Extend your support by taking the #RallyforRivers challenge, and helping us raise widespread awareness.

Sadhguru himself is driving from Kanyakumari to the Himalayas to create awareness. It is time for us to support, and guard our perennial rivers that are slowly turning seasonal. If we do not act now, we might regret later. Flagged off on September 3, Rally for Rivers is fast turning revolutionary. But it is not going to be possible without your support. Here are few things you can do to support the movement:

  • Give a missed call on 8000980009
  • Take up the Rally for Rivers Challenge
  • Share your opinions on social media with hashtags #RallyforRivers #IndiawearsBlue
  • Take up initiatives to plant trees and clean river beds. We are ready to support you

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